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Abington Strong Lawn Signs 1 sided $20.00 or Abington Strong 2 sided $22.00 includes metal stakes

Decals $8.00 and  Magnets $10.00

Abington Strong items proceeds go directly to the Abington Food Pantry . Help support the food pantry and show your Green Wave pride by displaying our town pride items

Any questions or if you would like to volunteer to assist the Abington Food Pantry contact Joe LaPointe joemlapointe@gmail.com or (781) 706-5686

Customized Abington Items available. If you don`t see something ask us for other items we produce.

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Hello Abington,

I hope this message finds you and yours safe and healthy.

Times are tough for many people and families in our town. Many went from working every day tirelessly just to make ends meet to being laid off and making almost nothing in a matter of weeks. Many people and families are finding it even harder to put food on their tables or pay essential utilities.

Everyone who has had the privilege of being part of this Abington community, whether for a short while or an extended amount of time, knows how this community comes together to support one another, through the good times and the hard times. We have seen this town rally around each other through tragedy, heartache and joy. Abington has always been a tight knit community that cares for each other.

THE TIME HAS COME for the town to rally around each other once again! Our local food pantry, St. Vincent De Paul Society has been flooded with requests for food. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, there are restrictions that do not allow the food pantry the ability collect the normal food donations. However, the food pantries are still taking cash donations! With cash donations, they are able to purchase gift cards and the necessary items for the people and families that are in need.